Wood Chopper — Yoga for Spine, Hamstrings & Great Breathing

Great pose for loosening your spine and hamstrings, developing lower back strength and flexibility, creating upper body strength and developing breathing muscles.

Great for athletes and as a start to any yoga routine.

Presented by the founder of Serenity Yoga, Corinne Friesen. Filmed at her home in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia.

Warning: The back bend part of this pose is not recommended for people with lower back injuries.

Refer to AudioYoga.com for other caveats and for poses that can help you build up strength in your back. And – do not do this pose to the point of pain.

See AudioYoga.com for more details, free posture pages, free routines and mp3s, tips, a yoga community and shopping.

Duration : 0:5:21

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5 Responses to “Wood Chopper — Yoga for Spine, Hamstrings & Great Breathing”

  • Rahulchasedreams says:

    i agree with ya …
    i agree with ya maam about what beauty is…you are beautiful and looks very healthy..thanks for the vid..

  • AudioYoga says:

    Because yoga is …
    Because yoga is about more than that. It can be used for that, but it’s soooo much more. Also, ask yourself what beauty really is. Is it only what Hollywood dictates? Is it a body sculpted into certain proportions only? Is it what has been fed to you by magazines and photoshop? If so, that is a fleeting form of it, that lasts a fragment of any one lifetime. Like yoga, there is more to beauty than that.

  • IAmEmuhly says:

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  • sapporo81414 says:

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